Fall One Room Challenge: Final Reveal

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Today is the big day friends! The final reveal of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!!!!! This is really such a fun event to participate in. This is my second one room challenge and again one of my absolute favorite rooms in my house! There is nothing quite like the one room challenge to get this designer on track and get a room finished at my house. My house always takes the back seat to my client’s spaces, so it is really fun to treat myself with a little design time!  Are you ready? Here she is…




Sources: Blush Sofa: Hayneedle     Artwork: Minted    Sconces: Hudson Valley Lighting   Pillows: Homegoods   Blanket: Homegoods

Let’s break down this beautiful space shall we? Let me just start by saying that this blush sofa is may be the softest piece of furniture I have ever felt. I’m not even kidding, it is so comfortable. We have been finding ourselves sitting in the entryway just hanging out. My kid’s have been playing on their tablets on it and my husband and I have sat there and chatted about our day. This sofa is seriously amazing!

I knew that I was going to need a large piece of art to set the stage for my color scheme in this room. This gorgeous artwork has the most vibrant tones of teal, emerald, navy and blush. I feel like it really ties everything together. This artwork made the green on my barn doors and my blush sofa make sense together in my room. This artwork is 44″ square with a matte brass frame and makes a big statement in the space.

The artwork is flanked by these mid century inspired sconces. I love the lines of these sconces and they give off a decent amount of ambient light. They have just the right amount of whimsy that I love in a fine piece of lighting.

Let’s not forget about the other side of the room, it is really just as pretty!


This pretty sideboard from Article is the perfect addition to my home. It provides so much storage and the wood details on the doors are so beautiful. I knew that the tone of the buffet would pull in my flooring and pop so pretty against the green doors we made.



Atop the sideboard sits the prettiest lamp from Lamps Plus. My walls in this room are all white v-groove moulding so I wanted something with color that would pop off of the walls. A lamp with a white shade just wouldn’t have been as striking. The navy on the shade is a perfect complement to the artwork across the room.

The green doors my husband I made turned out better than I could’ve imagined. I decided to paint them Billiard Green by Dunn Edwards. This was the deeper green I was going for but had that hint of blue I was looking for as well.

The reason I decided to go with the bold green doors is that I felt like they helped break up all the white of the v-groove moulding a little, oh and I love to take a good design risk!

There is one more gem in this room that might be it’s crowning glory. It is very hard to photograph the room with the gorgeous chandelier because it is a 2 story ceiling height. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting makes a big statement in the room at 46″ wide. Once you walk in and look up you are greeted by this beauty and I honestly love it so much. This 2 story ceiling can really take a large chandelier like this, It is even more impressive when you are upstairs and you can look at it eye level, it is a stunner!

One of my favorite parts of finishing a project like this is to look back at the design board I created to see it all come full circle. What a satisfying thing to see your vision come to reality and that is why I love what I do.

I hope you are inspired to overhaul a room at your house and don’t be afraid to make yourself a design board. Design boards are very easy to make on Powerpoint, you will feel like you have a direction and a plan to execute. Be sure to check out all the reveals of my fellow challengers. Some of them took on some pretty hefty projects this season and some really beautiful designs have been executed.


All photos by: Jackie Lindfors, Everydayness Photography

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Fall One Room Challenge: Week 5

This project was created in a partnership with the One Room Challenge Sponsors!  

Hey Guys!! Things are getting really real over here in the One Room Challenge! I can’t believe there is just one week left. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I love the pressure of pulling everything together at the last minute. Maybe it is my personality, or maybe the excitement of pulling it all out just in time.

Let me give  you a little refresher if you haven’t seen my design board in a while. Here is my original plan for my Entryway.

Chandelier: Hudson Valley Lighting -Sofa: Hayneedle – Sideboard: Article

Sconces: Hudson Valley Lighting -Artwork: Minted -Lamp: LampsPlus


There are just a few changes that happened in real life but you might have to wait until my big reveal to see what they are. The biggest feat this week was building the barn doors I decided to do. In my last post, I was debating if I should add barn doors to the room that I could shut over my mudroom. To be honest, I had always envisioned doing the barn doors there. When we bought the house 2 years ago, I had planned to put the barn doors there. We purchased the hardware, the slab doors and even planned where the thermostat would go in advance so we could add them later. We were so overwhelmed by all the house projects that the barn doors were put at the bottom of our list.

I had no idea what color I wanted them to be or even the design I wanted but that is what I love about the One Room Challenge! It forces me to just make some decisions and go with my gut when I would have just put it off. It is so easy for me to make decisions for my clients,but when it comes to my house sometimes I am at a loss. I guess maybe I just overthink it too much, so here I am now, making some solid decisions!

Let’s chat a bit about the doors we made. In my last post I shared the design I decided to do. I was searching the internet and found some inspiration. I drew the doors up in Auto CAD, found the angles, and put my husband Dave to work on getting all the moulding cut for our new doors.

He numbered each piece so we knew where each piece went. It was quite a few cuts and could get very confusing if we didn’t keep them organized. Once we laid out each door, we nailed down all the pieces with a pin nailer. I have a battery operated one and I love it so much. It is so great for little projects like this.

After we nailed all the pieces on, filled the joints an caulked the edges we were ready for paint. I am so in love with the design of the doors. I love how you can be inspired by something and then make it a reality. This is the best part of designing something. When inspiration becomes a reality. The next most important step was selecting the paint color. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about getting the perfect shade that I had in my head. I decided to go with Dunn Edwards: Billiard Table DEA178.

Isn’t it so pretty?? It has just the right hint of blue in it to bring the whole room together. So….. Do you want to see the doors painted? My husband painted them with his airless paint sprayer. I decided to go with a semi-gloss finish because I wanted it to have just a little shine. I honestly cannot wait to see them hung with the satin gold hardware!

That is all I got for this week friends! Are you so excited for the final reveal next week? I know I am!! I can’t wait to show you how everything has come together.

Make sure to check out all the amazing design that all my friends participating in the One Room Challenge are working on as well. There is so much good design happening!!


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Fall One Room Challenge: Week 4

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Hello Friends!! Another week has passed us by and we are another week into the One Room Challenge. I would be lying if I told you I am not feeling the big reveal approaching. I have been going back and forth since my last post on if I should add barn doors or not.  Honestly, I feel like the space is lacking just one more architectural element. I had always envisioned adding barn doors to the room so it almost felt wrong not to do it.

The side board I received from Article is so gorgeous, but you will have to wait for the final reveal to see it of course. I mean, it’s more fun that way right? Ok, I will show you a picture of it just to jog your memory! This piece is so close in color to my flooring that I thought if I added the barn doors in a pretty dark green that it would pop that much more and shine like the diamond that it is.

I was scouring Pinterest like many of us do, and I came across this door design that I saw on Coco Cozy’s blog. I am not sure if this is a door she saw while traveling but the design hit me like a Mack truck and I fell in love. Here is the photo she had posted to her blog.


This isn’t quite the color I am thinking but this is definitely the design I am planning to go with. I will be using a moulding that isn’t so flat but has a little more detail. Here is what I drew up in Auto Cad so I could give my husband an idea of exactly the look that I am going for.

I really want to paint the doors a darker green color. I plan on using satin brass hardware for the door pulls as well as the track system. I want to pull the green from the painting from Minted that is hung above the sofa.

I haven’t selected the exact color yet, but stay tuned…. It will be revealed in the next post. Do you have a favorite moody green you would like to share? Please do tell!!! Here are a few inspiration photos I found on Pinterest.


source: apartment therapy                                                     source: windsorone.com

Stay tuned for our journey on making these barn doors. Think chic barn doors, no cows or chickens coming out of these doors. Architectural details always take the room to the next level, I hope my hunch is right on this one. Until next week friends.

Be sure to follow my fellow challengers to see all the exciting things happening in their rooms. I promise you will be inspired!


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Fall One Room Challenge: Week 2

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Week two of the one room challenge is good stuff friends!! Some of my items are starting to arrive and it is like Christmas everyday… eeeep!!!

In my last post I showed you pics of what the room looked like when we bought the house. We have been living here for a little over a year now and I had made some improvements in the meantime.

We added a v-groove shiplap to the walls, herringbone wood flooring and we redid our banister with a Chippendale design. Here are a couple progress pics so you can get an idea.

This is when my husband was installing the flooring in our entryway. This is a Hallmark flooring. Color: Twain  Collection: Novella

I had my star railing custom built to my specifications in this chippendale pattern. When you enter our home an look up, this is the first thing you see. I really love how it turned out!

Ok, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty, here is the design board that I came up with for the room. I still have a few extra details that I am working on that I will reveal later. I am working out the details to see if I can do them.

Chandelier: Hudson Valley Lighting -Sofa: Hayneedle – Sideboard: Article

Sconces: Hudson Valley Lighting -Artwork: Minted -Lamp: LampsPlus

I hope you are excited because I know I sure am!! Check back next week for some design tips and also I will dig in a little deeper about why I selected these pieces and where I will put them.

Make sure to follow along with all my other challengers to see what fun stuff they are cooking up this season!


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