Tween Girl Room Design Reveal

Little girls’ rooms are really fun to design! Maybe because I was a little girl once and I remembered how I loved to spend time in my room by myself drawing and daydreaming.  Times have changed a little with technology but I think as a young girl it is still important to have a space you can call your own.

This room was very special to me, this little girl had asked Santa Claus if Jo could design her room for Christmas. I mean, how cute is that?? I sent her a little video letting her know that Santa had contacted me and her parents played if for her on Christmas morning!

When I first saw this her it looked like it was for a very little girl. I knew that my little client was coming into her own and needed a space that felt a little more mature and still a little fun!

I first pulled together this design board to get her approval, and make sure I was going in the right direction.

She was so excited with what I came up with and couldn’t wait to get started! I knew I wanted to hand make some fun elements for her room that could make it a little extra special. I decided to make these fun XOXO sparkly letters for above her bed. I put them on top of this cute navy and white Dalmatian wallpaper.

I think the room turned out pretty close to my design board don’t you?

I added a desk area on the opposite wall of the bed for homework and long drawing sessions. The gallery above the wall reflects some of her favorite things like gymnastics and the beach.

There is also a fun hanging chair where she can hang out with her friends and spend time reading her favorite books.

A happy little girl and a happy designer! These are the types of rooms that I can really get my creativity flowing and have so much fun creating!


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  • Danielle Ferretti

    October 8, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Hi ! I absolutely love this room ! Gorgeous. Can you tell me where the rug and bed are from ? Thanks !