Bathroom Roundup: Our Latest Bathroom Designs

We have been hired to design what seems to be a lot of bathrooms lately. Master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, kid’s bathrooms and don’t forget the Powder room. Bathrooms can be designed with tons of personality. Wallpaper is always a good idea for the bathroom especially a powder room! It says to your guests “hello, even I take design risks and sass up my bathrooms”. Just because bathrooms don’t have furniture doesn’t mean they can’t have high style like the rest of the house. Check out a couple of our latest bathrooms!


JandJ_Reinhart_BathThis powder room is a knock out! A crisp white vanity, navy paper and you cannot go wrong with brushed gold details.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

JandJ_Reinhart_CasitaBathI just love high contrast and tons of color. This Casita bath may be one of my absolute favorites to date. What can I say, it’s just HAPPY!!

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

JandJ_Reinhart_UpstairsBathThis kid’s bathroom is fun and playful. It is shared by 3 kids whom all love dogs. So we thought what better than some cute doggy wallpaper in a cheery mint and coral combination. I wouldn’t mind if this was a part of my bedtime routine. It may make it easier to get the kid’s to brush their teeth at night.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

JandJ_Reinhart_BasementBathLet’s not leave the guests out, they need a pretty bathroom too! I love how this combo of dramatic wallpaper paired with hex tiles and brass fixtures makes this bathroom fun but elegant.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography


Master bathrooms can have just as much personality as the rest of the bathrooms in the house. This master is very elegant with it’s navy vanities, marble tile and of course brushed gold fixtures. All of these bathrooms were quite different before. Maybe we need to post some before and after pics so you can see just how much they transformed from what they were!

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography


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