Design Trend: Buffalo Check

Buffalo check hit the scene about a year ago but it is really starting to gain momentum on the interior design scene. Usually we see these trends first in fashion then they find their way into our homes not long after. I have to be honest, I wasn’t all that hot on it at first. Jen is almost always early to the party when it comes to pattern trends. I remember her telling me how much she loved it way before it had time to grow on me. I of course am in love with it now. Here are a few of my favorite examples, and fun ways to add it to your home. Just remember, like any other trend, it is best to use it in moderation!


Blush Pink Pillow

Chair with Gold Legs

Navy Check Drapery

Sheet Sets

Kitchen Set

Cement Tile Flooring

RenoJOvation Mudroom Progress

Renovating a home is definitely a lot of work! Especially when you decide to do much of the work on your own (or your husband does the work in my case.) There are so many design decisions to be made. Easy for me right?! No, not really, it is actually so much harder for me to make decisions on my own home. I guess maybe it could be just because I am constantly bombarded by the newest, latest and greatest. Will I get sick of it? Will something I love so much more come out next month? Should I take risks or keep it neutral? These are all questions I struggle with on a daily basis.

I decided to take my own advice, the advice I give most of my clients. Keep the backdrop neutral and pop in fun colors with the pillows, rugs, drapery, and artwork.  These are all things that can easily be changed once your tastes change. I also like to tell my clients that architectural details take the design to the next level, and not to cheap out on light fixtures. Well made and designed light fixtures set the tone for the design they are a little bit like the perfect jewelry for an outfit.

One of the first rooms I want to talk about it the mudroom. Mudrooms have become very popular in the past few years. They are much more common on the east coast where there is more seasonal weather. A good place to kick off your snowy boots in the winter and hang up your jacket. Most homes that have been built in Arizona in the last 10 years don’t have a mudroom area. There doesn’t seem to be a place in the home where you can kick off your shoes, hang up your jacket and drop your purse. The new house we built didn’t have that area either so I decided to create my own space in our new home for that very function.

Currently, we have several baskets by the front door where we all drop our shoes and it always looks so messy. Not anymore!! I am putting my foot down.  Here is the design board I came up with for our new mud room which is right off the garage so it is the first room once we enter the house.

I wanted this area to feel cheery but elegant. I fell in love with this citrus painting from Pink Puddle Studio so I commissioned her to paint the oranges into a repeat so I could have it printed into wallpaper. Definitely head over and check out her work, it is amazing!!

Since the wallpaper is curve-linear I wanted to offset it with a more linear floor. So I decided to do a buffalo check pattern in these cement tiles from The Cement Tile Shop. They have so many beautiful tiles to pick from, the possibilities are endless.

The light fixture that I am using in the mudroom is actually a vintage fixture Jen and I picked up when we were working on a project in California. The brass was heavily tarnished, I think It took me about 8 hours and a whole bottle of brass cleaner to get it shiny and pretty again. It was so worth it!!

I have a pocket door in the mudroom that leads to the walk in pantry behind it. I have never had a house with a walk in pantry so that was another room I had to create in this house, but that is a whole other post.

I designed the built in for the mud room and had it built. It is in progress now, we are still waiting on the doors, drawers and paint but it is coming along very nicely.


Stay tuned for more updates! Things are happening and changing everyday. I am so excited to share everything with you!



Transformation Tuesday in Full effect….

We love a good transformation as much as the next designer. Oftentimes people see our pretty pictures on our website and have no idea of what we were originally working with. This is what makes our job so much fun. Here are a couple transformations for your Tuesday to make you scratch your head a little!

We were hired by this young family to transform their Kitchen/ Family room areas. The property is on a man made lake where you can water ski in your very own back yard. Unfortunately, the neighborhood was built in the 90’s so it was all very outdated. Not a problem! J&J to the rescue!

family room snip




We deleted the windows on either side of the fireplace to add needed storage for the growing family. The windows looked out to a block wall so there weren’t any views that were sacrificed the the process. We also changed the original doors into a large picture window and moved them to the bay area. There is still access to the back yard but it is not in the way of the living area anymore.

OH, and there’s the kitchen too…. This 90’s beauty boasted oak cabinetry and green laminate counter tops.

kitchen snip 1


kitchen snip 2


Well, this may be one of the best transformations yet. Food truck kitchen window? Yes please!!

kitchen snip 3


kitchen snip 4


Professional After Photos by:  John Woodcock Photography


There is hope for almost every outdated home! Are you inspired to update your space?



Bathroom Roundup: Our Latest Bathroom Designs

We have been hired to design what seems to be a lot of bathrooms lately. Master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, kid’s bathrooms and don’t forget the Powder room. Bathrooms can be designed with tons of personality. Wallpaper is always a good idea for the bathroom especially a powder room! It says to your guests “hello, even I take design risks and sass up my bathrooms”. Just because bathrooms don’t have furniture doesn’t mean they can’t have high style like the rest of the house. Check out a couple of our latest bathrooms!


JandJ_Reinhart_BathThis powder room is a knock out! A crisp white vanity, navy paper and you cannot go wrong with brushed gold details.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

JandJ_Reinhart_CasitaBathI just love high contrast and tons of color. This Casita bath may be one of my absolute favorites to date. What can I say, it’s just HAPPY!!

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

JandJ_Reinhart_UpstairsBathThis kid’s bathroom is fun and playful. It is shared by 3 kids whom all love dogs. So we thought what better than some cute doggy wallpaper in a cheery mint and coral combination. I wouldn’t mind if this was a part of my bedtime routine. It may make it easier to get the kid’s to brush their teeth at night.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

JandJ_Reinhart_BasementBathLet’s not leave the guests out, they need a pretty bathroom too! I love how this combo of dramatic wallpaper paired with hex tiles and brass fixtures makes this bathroom fun but elegant.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography


Master bathrooms can have just as much personality as the rest of the bathrooms in the house. This master is very elegant with it’s navy vanities, marble tile and of course brushed gold fixtures. All of these bathrooms were quite different before. Maybe we need to post some before and after pics so you can see just how much they transformed from what they were!

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography


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Design Reveal! Riley’s Playroom

The final room in our three part series reveals!

5 year old Riley and his Dad wanted a room they could call their own. Something that they could hang out in, be together, and make memories. Dad really wanted a space to watch movies and relax.  Riley just wanted a cool room to play in with his buddies. They both share a love of all things Star Wars, so we sprinkled a little of that throughout the room.

 The room was a blank slate, the only thing we needed to work with was the white wainscoting in the room. With the white details all around, we knew we could go bold on the wall. The Navy went up and we were in love! The PLAY letters take the stage in the room. They are one of our favorite items to add at the moment..

We found these on Etsy from sawandsteel.

A quick game of Hungry Hungry Hippos is always a good idea! The sofa is so comfy and looks good too! How about that button detail?

Riley’s playroom had double closets opposite the white IKEA shelf, so a little surprise we dreamed up for Riley was a little Playhouse loft  Art Nook. We went back and forth on what he would like best, and ended up deciding on a custom Art Desk where Riley could sit and draw for hours. (Additional bonus…it could grow with him!) We added an additional stool so dad or his friends could join in as well. He is able to display his artwork on wires that we put on eye hooks across the back wall.

We wanted the back wall to have a WOW factor. We decided on a reclaimed wood wall that was found from an old fence in Kentucky! We are so lucky to have a source to pick these babies up…. (psst. Porter Barnwood) Dad, loves a good story, so the wall having a history makes the wall one of his favorites in the room.

Since we have installed these rooms, Mom and Dad have told us that Riley is always at his Art Nook. It’s his favorite place to unwind and create new masterpieces to display. We are thrilled that he loves it so much!

We are looking forward to many more projects with this fun family!


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Wallpaper Love.. Our top picks

We have an obsession with wallpaper, not only are they works of art, but they add a lot of charm and character to a room. Check out our top picks for wallpaper these days! It’s not your grandma’s wallpaper anymore!!

This is one of our favorite master bedrooms…The paper gives a visual punch, but it’s subtle.


Photo by John Woodcock

We weren’t looking for subtle here! This mid century dining room dazzles!


Photo by John Woodcock

We chose a sea glass colored grass cloth wallpaper for this dining room. We love the texture it adds to the room.


Photo by John Woodcock

This fun office is full of drama! The vintage inspired bird wallpaper is gorgeous!


Photo by John Woodcock

This wallpaper is requested often by our clients. It’s a printed grass cloth, so you don’t have to mess with seams.


Photo by John Woodcock

Architectural details + Fun Wallpaper = YES! We are in love with this guest room!


Photo by John Woodcock


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Inspiration Corner- Wallpaper for your kiddos

Wallpaper is probably the first thing we think of when we think about pulling together a kids room. Check out some of our favorite wallpapers to be inspired in a jiffy!

This room we created for Brooke Mahan of What’s Up Moms for her son Calvin. This turquoise vintage inspired paper is from Hygee and West.


Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Ellie’s Nursery is sweet with the coral and mint arrow paper, setting the perfect backdrop for her name in String Art.


Photo by John Woodcock

Check out this nursery! Maybe, you don’t want to wallpaper the entire room in a print…Next best look? Panels of wallpaper wrapped in Molding. The result is dramatic and can be budget friendly too!

Kylie's Lilac and Coral

Photo by John Woodcock

We adore this whimsical print for Emery’s room from Hygee and West.

Emery's Room

Photo by John Woodcock

Who loves Butterflies!! We do!! This custom created wallpaper was designed just for Kendyl and Remi’s room, and it is one of our top sellers. Find it here!

Girls Bedroom

Photo by John Woodcock

Marin’s sweet Vintage/ Prep Room shows off another one of our best sellers. This navy garden trellis gives a beautiful architectural punch!

Marins Room - J & J Design Group

Photo by John Woodcock

Perhaps you have a little gentleman and are looking for something a bit more rustic? How about a wood wall, without the mess? Look no further!

Nursery - J & J Design Group

Photo by John Woodcock

Have we inspired you to give wallpaper a try? It’s amazing how it can change a room, make it seem bigger even!


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Bathroom Round up….Our favorites!

We love the look of a light and bright bathroom, with charming little details. Jo and I always like to start out with a neutral base and build from there so it’s easy to switch out the colorful stuff when you get tired of it…

Here’s a round up of our favorite bathrooms to date with a few sources to boot!

 This Master Bathroom just sings! We love everything about the brass knobs and sconces. Even though the faucets are stainless, you can still mix in some brass, as long as it’s repeated a few times in the room.


Photo by John Woodcock

Ship lap is our JAM right now! In this bathroom we used 6″ ship lap boards and wrapped it around the entire bathroom.  The gorgeous modern tub is accented by a gold {what else?} chandelier. We found some nice simple towels from Target to keep it light and bright.


Photo by John Woodcock

The shining favorites in this bathroom are the vintage inspired light in natural brass with grey striped bell shades, the charcoal vanity, and the charming cement tiles. We used grey grout with the cement tiles to keep clean up easy.


Photo by John Woodcock

Across from the vanity, we pulled out the existing bathtub and installed a brand new shower. We kept it classic with bright white subway tiles and blue pennies for the floor. We used white grout with the pennies to set off the tiles.


Photo by John Woodcock

The scalloped brass mirror in this guest bath is drool worthy, and we love how it pairs nicely with the charcoal vanity. We used quite a few finishes in there, but it all works together.


Photo by John Woodcock

How about this shaped back splash in this Master Bath? We dressed this bathroom in all chrome and it just shines! The white vanity is full of doors and drawers for a ton of storage.


Photo by John Woodcock

This wallpaper is A-Dorable! Especially for the kids of the house, who have a Golden Retriever named Ruby. We paired it with some fun black shaped mirrors and modern light bulb sconces for a look all it’s own.


Photo by John Woodcock

We kept the adjoining shower light and bright with subway tiles {have we mentioned how much we LOVE  are OBSESSED with subway tiles?}. They are classic and you can find them pretty inexpensively. Nuf said. How about that grey deco tile? It’s modern and classic all in one! We kept entire floor white penny rounds to make the entire bathroom feel like one big room.


Photo by John Woodcock

Hope you have enjoyed a look at our favorites!


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No Fail Neutral Paint colors

I would say the burning design question I almost always get asked by my friends is what color to paint their interior walls.  This can be a very scary thing! Not only is it costly to paint the whole interior of your house, or a ton of work to do it yourself but if you pick the wrong color you could find yourself slapping yourself silly.

Well her I am with a little friendly advice and some colors that are my personal go to and never have me slapping my head!

Let’s just clear one thing up before we get started. Accent paint walls are a thing of the past. Yea, it adds a little color to your house but keep those in kid’s rooms. Pop in the color in your house on smaller items that you can switch out when you get sick of the particular color that you are committing to.

I do love a good accent wallpaper wall however, the pattern is always a nice addition to any space!

Now that we have that out of the way lets talk Color!

Grey can be one of the toughest tones to select. There are cool greys and there are warm greys. Greys that are cool have a blue undertone and greys that are warm have a brown undertone. If you start mixing cool greys and warm greys they can look a little funny with one another.

This house is painted: Dunn Edwards, Muslin. (Below) This is considered a cooler grey and we pulled the cool grey out of the stone of the fireplace and the wood floors we selected.


Another one of our Favorite Grey Paints is: Dunn Edwards, Fine Grain. (Below) This is a warmer neutral and looks good if you have more brown in your flooring.


When you are looking to go very light on your interior color but don’t want it quite white, our favorite go to neutral for that is Dunn Edwards: Crystal Haze (below). This always makes the space feel light, bright and fresh.


It is always a good idea to grab samples and look at them with your flooring, cabinetry and  things that are going to permanently going to stay in your house. We like to use a flat sheen on the ceilings, satin finish on the walls and a semi gloss finish on doors and baseboards.

Maybe, just maybe I have saved you a little heartache when it comes to painting the interior of your house. Remember, keep it neutral and pop in color with pillows, drapes and accessories.


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Photos by: John Woodcock Photography

DIY: Floral Terrarium

I seriously love Terrariums and I make them all the time as centerpieces for our client’s tables. I wanted to mix it up a bit and try a floral one. This particular terrarium is great because it gives the look of real flowers without the maintenance or dust (wink wink).


I started with these great glass containers from IKEA, they have a cute cork top that keeps all the dust out! They are called SINNERLIG and you can find them here or in your local IKEA store.

ikea vase

Here are the supplies you will need to pull off this centerpiece:

  • 5-6 of your favorite faux floral stems (I got mine at Hobby Lobby while they were having their stem sale) I opted for the ranunculus and peonies (some of my personal favorites)
  • Terrarium of your choice (IKEA or Homegoods)
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • moss (hobby lobby or Homegoods)
  • glue gun
  • Styrofoam cylinder (hobby lobby)
  • Bag of decorative rocks (hobby lobby)

First, you need to decide how tall you want your middle flower, and the highest point of your arrangement. I tested mine by putting it in my terrarium and adding the top to make sure you could still see it good.

image 2

Place the rest of your flowers in the Styrofoam disc and place your arrangement in a tight bouquet.

Next, hot glue your moss around the base to hide the Styrofoam.



 Place the double sided sticky pad to the bottom of the Styrofoam and place at the bottom.


Place the arrangement into your terrarium and add your rocks and extra moss around the base of your arrangement.


Place on your lid (if you have one) and voila! You have the very fanciest floral terrarium on the block!


Happy Crafting!!