Fall One Room Challenge: Week 4

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Hello Friends!! Another week has passed us by and we are another week into the One Room Challenge. I would be lying if I told you I am not feeling the big reveal approaching. I have been going back and forth since my last post on if I should add barn doors or not.  Honestly, I feel like the space is lacking just one more architectural element. I had always envisioned adding barn doors to the room so it almost felt wrong not to do it.

The side board I received from Article is so gorgeous, but you will have to wait for the final reveal to see it of course. I mean, it’s more fun that way right? Ok, I will show you a picture of it just to jog your memory! This piece is so close in color to my flooring that I thought if I added the barn doors in a pretty dark green that it would pop that much more and shine like the diamond that it is.

I was scouring Pinterest like many of us do, and I came across this door design that I saw on Coco Cozy’s blog. I am not sure if this is a door she saw while traveling but the design hit me like a Mack truck and I fell in love. Here is the photo she had posted to her blog.


This isn’t quite the color I am thinking but this is definitely the design I am planning to go with. I will be using a moulding that isn’t so flat but has a little more detail. Here is what I drew up in Auto Cad so I could give my husband an idea of exactly the look that I am going for.

I really want to paint the doors a darker green color. I plan on using satin brass hardware for the door pulls as well as the track system. I want to pull the green from the painting from Minted that is hung above the sofa.

I haven’t selected the exact color yet, but stay tuned…. It will be revealed in the next post. Do you have a favorite moody green you would like to share? Please do tell!!! Here are a few inspiration photos I found on Pinterest.


source: apartment therapy                                                     source: windsorone.com

Stay tuned for our journey on making these barn doors. Think chic barn doors, no cows or chickens coming out of these doors. Architectural details always take the room to the next level, I hope my hunch is right on this one. Until next week friends.

Be sure to follow my fellow challengers to see all the exciting things happening in their rooms. I promise you will be inspired!


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