DIY Pencil Cups |

DIY Pencil Cups

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for office supplies and organizational vessels ha! Target has the best craft isle and every time I head down it, I can’t help myself but pick up some new thing. I found these cute little wood cups that are raw wood and were just screaming my name, so I’m showing how to make these cute little DIY Pencil Cups! These could even be a cute gift to give teacher’s for their desk at school.

DIY Pencil Cups |

Hey Jo, wanna craft something??? Why I sure do!

I was working on accessorizing a client’s kitchen and they have the cutest little play table that I had painted navy blue that the kids could do their crafts on. I wanted a cute way to display all their crayons and markers so I made these little cuties.

These are so simple to make anyone can do it. Crafty or not! Here is what you need to get started.

Wood Plant Pots from Target /Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint

Acrylic Paint: Colors of your choice  /Blue Tape

Black Puffy Paint

Paint Brush/  Pencil

DIY Pencil Cups |

I started by taping off the containers at a diagonal. The first layer I was masking the parts that I wanted to keep the natural wood. I then painted them with a gold spray paint. The Rustoleom one from Home Depot happens to be my personal favorite of all the gold spray paints.

DIY Pencil Cups | jandjdesigngroup.comI turned the cups upside down when I sprayed them so the top rim would stay the raw wood color.

DIY Pencil Cups | jandjdesigngroup.comNext I pulled off the tape to see what areas were left to add colored paint to.

DIY Pencil Cups |

DIY Pencil Cups | jandjdesigngroup.comI then taped the containers again at a diagonal to mask off some of the raw wood areas and some of the gold areas.

Now, I will be sure to have bold lines and still keep some of the gold and wood intact.

DIY Pencil Cups | jandjdesigngroup.comNext, pull off the tape again to reveal all the colors in different interesting patterns. You really can’t go wrong, try not to think about it too much. It usually turns out better that way:)

DIY Pencil Cups | jandjdesigngroup.comLastly, draw on the face you want to add with a pencil first to make sure it is just how you want it. Then draw over the line with black puffy paint and let dry.

DIY Pencil Cups |

Finish it off with a coat of Satin clear coat spray paint so it doesn’t mar easily.

And there you have it a cute little pencil cup for a playroom, desk or even for your kitchen.

DIY Pencil Cups |

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