One Room Challenge: Week 5

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Welcome back friends! The One Room Challenge week 5 is here and so much fun stuff happened this week! After we completed installing all of our Metrie millwork, there was still so much prep work that needed to be done before we could paint. We filled all the nail holes with wood putty, sanded, and sanded some more. We were waiting on a few more pieces to come for the wall so we went ahead and installed our wood floors. This meant that we had to tape those off too to make sure paint didn’t get on the new floors. All of this prep was leaving us feeling like we needed a smoothie break! (Peanut butter chia to be exact)

one room challenge

Once all of the prep work was finished, we were ready to paint, and boy was I ready to paint. I mean, READY, READY! Let’s get this show on the road!

one room challenge

Isn’t painting so satisfying? It is such a quick change in such a short period of time. I decided to paint my walls the same color I am doing on the moulding in the rest of my home, Dunn Edwards: Whisper. This is a nice soft white without too much yellow or blue undertone.

I love once everything is freshly painted and it is time to rip off the tape, this is also very satisfying for me.  Maybe I am a little strange, but I love it! Just look how pretty everything is once we got it all painted. It is even more gorgeous in person, I promise!

What does one do with a pretty room like this? Well, start adding in all the pretty furniture of course! This is my most favorite part (aside from building the furniture).  Seeing all the finishing touches going in makes it worth all the hard work.  Here I am with a piece of my dining table from The Mine that I am starting to put together! It was actually pretty easy. About ten bolts and it was all together.

one room challenge

Gosh, it is so hard, I want to show you more but there is still so much to be done. I will leave you with this little snippet of what I have done so far. Don’t forget to come back next week for the final reveal and all the details on each piece and why I chose each one.

one room challenge

This rug from All Modern couldn’t be anymore perfect for my space! It has all the colors I love, fits my room perfectly and it is very soft under your feet. I am completely obsessed with it and I highly recommend it! It is a match made in heaven with my dining table!

See you next week,

P.S. My pillow fabric from Fabricut came in too!!


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No Fail Neutral Paint colors

I would say the burning design question I almost always get asked by my friends is what color to paint their interior walls.  This can be a very scary thing! Not only is it costly to paint the whole interior of your house, or a ton of work to do it yourself but if you pick the wrong color you could find yourself slapping yourself silly.

Well her I am with a little friendly advice and some colors that are my personal go to and never have me slapping my head!

Let’s just clear one thing up before we get started. Accent paint walls are a thing of the past. Yea, it adds a little color to your house but keep those in kid’s rooms. Pop in the color in your house on smaller items that you can switch out when you get sick of the particular color that you are committing to.

I do love a good accent wallpaper wall however, the pattern is always a nice addition to any space!

Now that we have that out of the way lets talk Color!

Grey can be one of the toughest tones to select. There are cool greys and there are warm greys. Greys that are cool have a blue undertone and greys that are warm have a brown undertone. If you start mixing cool greys and warm greys they can look a little funny with one another.

This house is painted: Dunn Edwards, Muslin. (Below) This is considered a cooler grey and we pulled the cool grey out of the stone of the fireplace and the wood floors we selected.


Another one of our Favorite Grey Paints is: Dunn Edwards, Fine Grain. (Below) This is a warmer neutral and looks good if you have more brown in your flooring.


When you are looking to go very light on your interior color but don’t want it quite white, our favorite go to neutral for that is Dunn Edwards: Crystal Haze (below). This always makes the space feel light, bright and fresh.


It is always a good idea to grab samples and look at them with your flooring, cabinetry and  things that are going to permanently going to stay in your house. We like to use a flat sheen on the ceilings, satin finish on the walls and a semi gloss finish on doors and baseboards.

Maybe, just maybe I have saved you a little heartache when it comes to painting the interior of your house. Remember, keep it neutral and pop in color with pillows, drapes and accessories.


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Photos by: John Woodcock Photography